How to make startegy for ON Page Optimization

On Page Optimization is the Soul of Website. It’s play a vital role in site structure. We can Change the Internal Internal Part or Site Structure by the Use of Coding.

There are Some ON Page Strategy that we can make Better Site Structure for Understand the Google.

  1. Meta Tag: – The Meta Tag is the tag of Page Data which are used in Head Section.Basickly they start in Head Section with Opening and Closing.


These are Different Types But for Meta Tags are Important in On Page Optimization.

A. Title Tag: – Title Tag is show in the title bar of Browser. It’s limitation is 60 corrector. Which is tell the user What is in the Page. We use the Keyword in Title for Better High Rank of Keyword and for make user friendly Title. If we are not using Title then Google Directly Pick up the Heading Tag for using the Title.

So Title Tag is Important and its show in SERP above the URL.

B. Description Tag: – The Description Tag is include the relevant and precise information corresponding to Product and Service of webpage. Basically its limitation is 150 to 160 corrector. for Make Batter Description we can use the Keyword in description but keyword stuffing is not allow in Description.

If we are not using Description then Google would directly fetch the information in webpage.

C. Keyword Tag: – Keyword Tag is also Part of Meta Tag which is show all the Keyword in Web Page. But now a day’s Google does not consider on Keyword Tag.

d. Robot.Txt: – The Robot.txt is txt file which is submitted on root of Directory. Its uses for Block and Restrict our Private and Personal Page from Index and Caching. Whereas Google Does not Visit on Particular Page which are Blocked.

 E. URL Structure:- URL Structure Makes our Site for Better Understandable by Google. It is Highly recommended to make search engine friendly URL. Relevant and Shorter url Bring the Better Crawling to your Site and Perform Better. Using Keyword are Better Perform to Our Site.         For Instance are better than to

2. Keyword Density: – The Keyword Density recommend the relevant Keyword in throughout the content. Keyword Density is refer to appears the Keywords in webpage.It is Show How Many Keyword are appear in Webpage or Content by Use of Formula.

(No of Keyword/Total no of Word)*100

Basically the Keyword Density appear in content 1% to 3% but if it is much more then it is include Keyword Stuffing.

3. Heading Tag (H1, H2—–H6):- A Heading Tags indicate the paragraph, subparagraph and Section for help the people make readable easy. So we give the Heading to make it easily readable for People.

H1 is the Main Heading Tag to indicate the Main Heading Part of Webpage and we use only once H1 Heading tag. subsequent we use the H2 tag for show the sub heading and sub point and we can use the H2 and Other Heading Tags many times in content for indicate the sub part and make it easily readable for readers.

4. Alt Tag: – Alt Tag is Important Factor to improve the On page SEO. Because Google does not read image directly so we give some Description to make it easily understand for Google.

5. Sitemap.xml:- It is the xml file which is collection of webpage in which we give the those webpage which we want index and caching by Google and we can set the frequency and Priority and More over lastmodified. it is submit in search engine console.